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Dear Fellow Slimmer,

You hear a lot of talk these days about “super foods” and how you need to be eating them every chance you get. Acai berries, pomegranate fruit, mangosteen, raspberry ketone, mangos and even spinach. They’ll all help you lose weight, shed unwanted fat, feel better, look younger and promote better overall health. Sounds great, right?

But where do you begin? With all the choices available it can be overwhelming, leading to indecision through information overload. How do you know which super foods will work and which are just hype? Then there’s the cost of finding and buying all of the products you want to try. It can get rather expensive very quickly.

And what if they don’t live up to the hype; leaving you feeling disappointed, taken advantage of, and having just wasted your hard-earned cash? All you lost is money, instead of the weight and fat you so desperately were hoping to get rid of. It’s not a good feeling, we know.

That’s why we’ve created Supera Complete®, the scientifically formulated combination of today’s most powerful weight loss inducing super foods*. We’ve researched all the newest super foods, studied their claims and then combined the best into one easy to take pill that is guaranteed to help you shed pounds in just a few weeks* or your money back!.

Supera Complete® has been effective in helping users lose the weight they want! Simply follow a healthy eating program and take 1 Supera Complete® before your 2 largest meals of the day*. Moreover, many users have said that Supera Complete® has been a catalyst for them to make dramatic improvements in the way they live. Once they feel the benefits of Supera Complete®, they’re inspired to begin eating better, by moving away from junk food and fast food to more wholesome fruits and vegetables, and becoming more active by exercising regularly.

The key to having your sexy new body lies in these powerful ingredients combined into one super pill: Supera Complete®.

Each ingredient was carefully chosen for it’s amazing ability:

  • 100mg of Garcinia Cambogia

  • 100mg of Raspberry Ketone

  • 100mg of African Mango

  • 100mg of Moringa

  • 100mg of Caralluma

  • 100mg of White Kidney Bean

  • 100mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Never before has anyone successfully combined all the top ingredients and packed them into just one powerful “Super Pill”! With all these beneficial ingredients combined into one single supplement, it’s impossible, even for you, not to lose weight on a healthy eating program*! Supera Complete® is satisfaction guaranteed, or your entire money back, to help you lose all that extra fat you’ve been carrying around for years!


As the Founder and Clinical Director of Super Diet Alternatives, I’ve never been more excited in the presentation of one of our life-changing products. We’ve developed dozens of breakthrough supplement formulas that have helped hundreds of thousands of people. However, I’m considering Supera Complete® our biggest, most amazing, “life-saving” product ever, because we’ve combined all our top diet aid supplements into one powerful “Super Pill”! My research team and I have worked very hard developing and perfecting this amazing diet aid. Not only has our dream of being thin become a reality available to everyone, but we’ve also succeeded in sharing the ability of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll be amazed at how much better your life becomes. There’s no side effects, just visible, ‘life-saving’ results.

I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction Or Your Money Back!

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